The Effect

100 Motivational Quotes

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re struggling to make it through a trek on the treadmill or finish that last curl-up, you feel like giving up.

The Science of Massage

There are several different types of massage and each provides the body with different benefits, with specific ones helping you reach your fitness goals.

Ten Things to Know About HIIT

It’s become one of the hottest fitness trends around. A 2017 survey found that HIIT was one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country.

Hot Yoga: Explained

There are numerous types of hot yoga, each with their own benefits they can have on your body and overall health. Learn More!

When to Workout

Whether you choose to conquer your workout before the sun rises or right before bed, the time of day you exercise can have different effects on your body.

Community and Motivation – Why Working Out Can Be Better Together

An individual workout can be extremely rewarding, but working out with others offers its own, unique benefits.

25 Ways an Active Lifestyle Leads To a Better Life

The benefits of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle go far beyond physical gains. The staff at The Endorphin Effect has helped to put together a list of some of the ways staying active can improve your overall lifestyle.