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How Does Yoga Compare to Running for Cardio?

More and more people are opting for yoga as a form of cardio exercise, but how exactly does it compare to running?

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Core. Everywhere you look, you’re told to keep it strong and in tact. But what exactly does core strength mean?

The Truth About Whey Protein Supplements

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5 Stretches You Should Do Every Time You Workout

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Setting Realistic Wellness Goals

Establishing wellness goals can be tough enough, but ensuring that those goals are realistic and achievable can become its own challenge.

Mindfulness and Why it Matters

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Chicagoland Road Race Guide – Summer 2019

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100 Motivational Quotes

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re struggling to make it through a trek on the treadmill or finish that last curl-up, you feel like giving up.

The Science of Massage

There are several different types of massage and each provides the body with different benefits, with specific ones helping you reach your fitness goals.