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E2 FIT Unlimited Training Program

Our fitness program is designed to optimize your fitness level through dynamic strength training, athletic performance training, along with muscular and aerobic endurance training. Truly allowing you to #FeelTheEffect

Featured Fitness Class

E2 Xtreme

45-minute trainer led H.I.I.T workout without a class time! Circuit training at its finest, come in and get a great workout without being bound to a class time. This workout will aid in fat loss along with lean muscle gains with the added benefits of heightened metabolism for days after!  Perfect compliment to our strength and yoga curriculum!

E2 Functional Strength

Our signature strength class is where Olympic weight lifting meets everyday function; you will learn to incorporate traditional weightlifting techniques with innovative dynamic movements. Improving not only your physique but also your athleticism, this will allow you to maximize your long “work” day and also improve the quality of every minute of your day,creating a stronger foundation to build yourself upon.

E2 Full Circuit

Feed your body and mind!  Skip the lunch buffet and instead lunch with us!  We will provide you with a complete exercise buffet designed to strengthen your posture, define your musculature and improve your movement.  All and done by One!

E2 Cross-Training

E2’s purpose with the cross-training approach to strength and agility will be a lifetime progression. The functionality of the methods and movements in unconventional strength are based on their abilities to be applied to everyday life. Your pursuit of strength and agility will be reinforced with longevity, mobility and flexibility. Practicality mixed with simplicity ensures that everyone is able to enhance their ability to perform movements in a more dynamic motion.

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