About Us



Miwa’s fascination with fitness began with her grandfather. When she visited him in India, they would do yoga and breathwork around the house. And his last visit to the United States stands out in her memory.

“He was 91 he was still doing headstands in the middle of the room unsupported. To me, that’s always been an inspiration.”

Miwa’s professional background is in marketing. However, after having children, she started looking for a profession with more flexibility. She was already doing some personal training with a few girlfriends in 2011, when she completed her yoga teacher training and started bringing that yoga knowledge into those sessions. Right away, she realized that something special was happening there.

“There are many components to fitness. If I went to a gym, they didn’t have the yoga component. If I went to a yoga studio, they didn’t have the weight lifting or strength training. It felt like there was a lack in the market for something that was all encompassing. A place that would target all aspects of fitness under one roof, one membership. A place that would make it easy and create a community.”

Always a, “go big or go home,” kind of woman, Miwa and her husband took a big swing in January, 2016, when they leased a former Walgreens that had closed down. This took her business from 500 square feet to 13,000 square feet! After an extensive build out process, Miwa’s vision was ready.

So, welcome! Welcome to our community. A community where you can sweat and breathe, where you can gain confidence and grow. Welcome to The Endorphin Effect.