Are Gyms Suitable for Children?

When you think of fitness centers or yoga studios, the image of adults likely pops into your head. Staying fit and in good shape becomes even more crucial as we get older, but what about fitness for children? While we may not picture them putting in time at the local gym, a number of scientific studies have revealed the benefits of physical activity in kids.

Parenting Science took a look at how physically fit children see improvements in the classroom…

Exercise and children: Lessons from mice
At the Salk Institute, Henriette van Pragg and her colleagues compared sedentary mice with mice that ran an average of 3 miles each night on a running wheel (van Pragg et al 1999).
Compared with the couch potatoes, the aerobically-challenged mice showed dramatic brain growth.
Specifically, the hippocampus—-a brain region associated with learning and memory–was twice as large.
In addition, the brain cells of the aerobic mouse could sustain longer bouts of “long-term potentiation,” the increased efficiency of communication between neurons that occurs after neurons fire.
Better learning, too
Did these changes translate into better learning? Indeed they did. Mice who exercised performed better on a spatial learning task (finding their way through a water maze).

A similar study by HealthDay News found similar results.

“Our work suggests that aerobically fit and physically fit children have improved brain health and superior cognitive [thinking] skills than their less-fit peers,” study author Laura Chaddock-Heyman, a postdoctoral researcher with the department of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, told WebMD.

“Hopefully, these findings will reinforce the importance of aerobic fitness during development and lead to additional physical activity opportunities in and out of the school environment.”

Aside from medical studies, we asked some of our professional staff members for their thoughts on children hitting the gym and what parents should know.

“Sure they can, but only if they are supervised and taught safe body mechanics. Parents should sign a waiver.” – Priscilla Rodriguez, Yoga Instructor

“Kids can work out at the gym depending on their age. Otherwise there are kid base classes for kids called Mindful Monkey and Empower Youth. Parents should lead by example and workout along side their kids. If they can stand there and watch then they can workout too if they have that much time.” – Jose Barrera, Jack of All Trades

“This is a topic I can say enough about kids should absolutely be at the gym. The focus should not be weight or body image and definitely don’t picture kids at the squat rack but think functional movement and strength through body weight exercises. As a mother I encourage my children to train for their sport – you need strength and flexibility to excel at your sport. I have recently found that my teen daughter really enjoys coming in and boxing – it made me realize how much stress they have in their lives and just like us they need somewhere to release that stress.” – Miwa Gardi, Founder and Yoga Instructor

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