Jay Perez

    Personal Trainer


    Baseball has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember.  Growing up I played in little league, then played travel ball, moving on to high school.  In my freshman year of college baseball I injured my shoulder ending my baseball carrier.  I was devastated.

    Fast forward, now I have a son that shares the same passion for the game that I do. As a father I want to make sure my son is as safe and healthy as possible.  So I went on the hunt for information. I wanted to make sure I can teach him the correct techniques of the game so he didn’t hurt himself the same way I did.

    This path of knowledge led me to the fitness world.  Not only was I learning about proper technique for baseball, I was also learning how the body moves. How each muscle works together to generate the most power in a safe manner.  I loved it, I wanted to know more.  Which brought me to personal training.  Helping others with baseball or how to train in the gym is a passion of mine. Finding a great place with a great team was important to me. The endorphin effect is that place. Join our team and let us help you with you journey to reach your goals.