Joey Diehl

Joey Diehl

Yoga Instructor


I began my yoga journey in 2011, after almost a decade of jujitsu and MMA training started taking a toll on my body. I was seeking a way to alleviate pain, increase flexibility and rehab some old injuries. Honestly, I was just looking for anything that would give me an advantage on the mat. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with yoga; not only for the way it affected my training, but for so many other reasons unrelated to fighting. I began to see the benefits on and off the mat in all areas of my life and wanted to share that with others. I started teaching yoga in 2015. Yoga lead me into other arts of movement and healing such Thai yoga massage and acrobatic yoga. My love for learning translates into my teaching. I will always be a student first and am grateful to learn from everyone that I share the mat with. Namaste.