Constant Tension Workout

If you visit the gym a lot, then you may have heard of something called TUT, or Time Under Tension. This refers to the time in which your muscles are being strained during a set and is typically used in bodybuilding and strength conditioning. When you add more tension to your muscles during a workout, you’re causing your muscle to breakdown which will lead to more gains after the healing process.

This works because when your body is trying to repair the damage that’s been done, it fuses muscle fibers together, in turn creating new strands of muscle protein. However, you’ll only experience gains from this process when the rate of muscle repair is greater than the rate of muscle breakdown. When trying to increase your muscle size it’s important to allow your body time to rest and repair, otherwise your muscle breakdown will be too great and your body won’t be given the chance to repair your muscles and make them bigger.

A good rule of thumb is to rest each muscle group for two days after performing a constant tension workout. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to skip the gym entirely, just make sure you don’t continue pushing those muscle groups which are still sore. This soreness means that your body is in the process of trying to heal your muscles. If you feel as though it’s taking longer to heal than it should, add some focus to your diet, water intake and sleep schedule, as these things can impact how quickly your body is able to perform this process.