The Endorphin Effect offers a wide range of fitness classes. From our daily circuit classes to one-on-one personal training, we have a program for you to achieve your health and fitness goals!


These specialty classes are designed to maximize your results within a controlled environment.

While we offer traditional fitness classes at The Endorphin Effect, we also offer a range of specialty classes for individuals interested in integrating something new into their fitness routine. Currently, our list of specialty classes include:

Triumph is developed to increase your stamina, build your strength, and improve your skill. Harness your Endorphin Effect. This class is developed for those who want to train in a controlled environment, this class is led by a licensed health professional who’s belief that form and function is crucial to staying injury free, performance ready, and mentally strong.

This specialty class is a high intensity, non-contact class with a heavy emphasis on the technical aspects of the sport, this class combines boxing techniques with traditional conditioning exercises. Guaranteed to sharpen your craft with bag work, partner drills and focus mitts. The added elements of mobility and movement drills will preserve longevity while cultivating body awareness. Aside from the technique, hand speed and punching power development, you will develop mental toughness, relieve stress and feel empowered.


Our trainer-supervised circuits are held without specific class times, so you can drop in for a workout when it’s convenient for you. Our program is designed so that each workout is unique, but they all have one thing in common, you’re guaranteed to see results!

Our circuit program includes:

Xtreme Endurance is a trainer-supervised High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) circuit that is timed with perfect interval segments to maximize your fat metabolism while still building lean muscle mass!

Metabolic Conditioning is a trainer-supervised cross training circuit that will rev up the intensity to maximize your output. This high volume metabolic conditioning circuit incorporates dynamic movements that will keep your heart rate elevated guaranteed to blast that body fat!

Functional Strength is a trainer-supervised strength circuit where weight lifting meets everyday function. You will learn to incorporate traditional weightlifting techniques with innovative dynamic movements.

50 minutes of high intensity cycling!


Our unparalleled personal training program is second to none. One of our elite trainers will work with you to attain your goals focusing on not just fitness, but nutrition and lifestyle.

Private personal training is a customized fitness regimen designed just for you, limited to not only your one-on-one sessions but will include a fitness curriculum using all our facility has to offer, allowing you to fully experience The Endorphin Effect.

Do you like the attention and focus personal training brings but enjoy the camaraderie of a class? This is the perfect option for you! Grab a friend or two and create your own training group where you can attain your individual goals while training under the perfect balance of friendly competition and support.