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E2 Hot Yoga

Our signature 75-minute hot yoga class will guide you through a unique and challenging hot yoga practice that heals and balances the body while exhilarating the mind. The class creates a perfect union of flowing through postures while allowing time to hold other postures, all the while connecting breathing with motion. The end result is greater mental focus, physical strength and flexibility. Come prepared to sweat, take on a challenge and most importantly release all that does not serve you. Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated; experience the true mind-body connection that yoga has to offer.

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Zen Warrior

An innovative class that blends yoga, fitness, & martial arts allowing for a stronger, more confident, mindful you! Intense yet refreshing total body workout for any fitness level that combines high reps with isometric exercises and static poses to burn fat & increase metabolism.  Resulting in increased aerobic capacity and lean muscle mass!  Rush of endorphins? An added benefit!