Community and Motivation – Why Working Out Can Be Better Together

25 Ways an Active Lifestyle Leads To a Better Life

An individual workout can be extremely rewarding. After a rough day at the office, putting on your headphones and taking your stress out on the treadmill or yoga mat can serve as the perfect remedy. But, working out with others offers its own, unique benefits. In fact, studies show that peer groups are an increasingly popular source of support for your fitness goals.

Community and Motivation - Why Working Can Be Better Together

Humberto Medina, Co-Founder at The Endorphin Effect, had this to say about working out in a group vs. working out individually:

“We as humans are naturally drawn towards a tribal/communal way of living. It is a human instinct to work in a cooperative group for not only our personal improvement but for the greater good of the tribe/ community. This creates a sense of self responsibility and identity for the greater good.”

Staying active with others can also help you get more out of your workout.

“Being part of a community or group workout can help push you further than you think you can,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, one of our Yoga Instructors. “In the end, you build a sense of camaraderie.”

Community and Motivation - Why Working Can Be Better Together

Angela Salazar, another Yoga Instructor at The Endorphin Effect, agreed.

“Being surrounded by a group of like-minded people brings about a sense of camaraderie working toward the same goals of becoming better versions of themselves!”

“Jack of All Trades” Jose Barrera broke down some of the additional benefits.

-Knowing that others have the same goal and drive as another person keep them motivated
-Healthy competition
-Willingness to help each other
-Positive encouragement
-Talk about nutrition recipes

We mentioned earlier that studies have proven some of the positive effects of staying active with a group of people. Chicago’s own Northwestern Medicine recently put together a list of some of those benefits. You can see a few of them below, and find the full list here.

25 Ways an Active Lifestyle Leads To a Better Life
  • Opting out is not an option. Your chances of skipping out of exercise decrease when you’re held accountable by others
  • Friendships can extend out of the gym (or studio). The connections you make sharing the highs and lows of exercising together not only provide motivation in the moment, but they can also form the foundation of a social group that supports your health and wellness goals
  • Experts can make exercise less intimidating. Self-esteem and first-workout-fears can be real obstacles to forming a fitness routine. Having instructors and class regulars to keep you on track and help you to understand any moves you’re unfamiliar with can make the whole concept of exercise easier to tackle