The ROI of a Personal Trainer

You step into a gym, yoga or fitness studio with a goal: get in shape. Whether you’re working to drastically transform your image or build on months or even years of rigorous exercise, getting or staying in shape is likely why you’re there in the first place! More and more of these locations are now offering personal trainers. While the idea of having someone walk you through specialized exercises may sound appealing, that luxury often comes with a hefty price tag.

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The question is rather simple: is having a personal trainer worth the investment? A recent list from MoneyTalks News sure seems to think so, diving into some of the reasons why the investment is a smart one. The full list can be found here but check out some of the highlights below…

Trainers provide accountability and motivation

Do you want to face your trainer and tell her that you didn’t work out yesterday? Sure, you can get this accountability from a dedicated friend who works out with you, but this is the trainer’s job. He or she has a vested interest in seeing that you complete your workouts. Also, if you’re paying a trainer, do you really want to slack off and feel like you aren’t getting the most for your money? Money spent is good motivation to work out.

Trainers provide expertise

A good personal trainer will watch closely to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly to maximize your result and target the intended muscle group. My trainer carefully watches me and corrects minor mistakes in form as I make them. She assures me that sometimes the smallest tweak of an exercise will change the muscle that is targeted, and I can tell the difference when I follow her instructions. This is something I could never do on my own, or even from watching a video. Usually, I’m not even aware of a mistake in form. Consistently doing an exercise incorrectly can lead to injury.

A trainer will personalize your workout

Quality trainers know how to customize a workout based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. Mine helps me to increase my cardio endurance with a running interval plan. Since one of my short-term goals is to do more mens push-ups, my trainer is including several types of difficult push-ups in my sessions that are quickly enabling me to build my strength and move toward more mens push-ups.

Trainers can reduce the possibility of injury

An injury can derail a workout program and cause so much discouragement that you could lose momentum and determination to continue. A good trainer will help you to do exercises properly so that you won’t injure yourself. When my knee began to act up, my trainer had me cut back on my running intervals and ride an exercise bike on some days. She also pointed out that I may be developing an imbalance between my quadriceps and hamstring muscles, which can lead to knee injuries. Since my quads are stronger than my hamstrings, she began targeting hamstring strength. These are things I would not have known to do.

the endorphin effect

Medium put together a list of their own…

You’re bored with your regiment

Having a personal trainer is also like having a workout buddy whom you catch up with, have fun, and compete with. Your trainer will keep you motivated, bring new ideas to your exercise routine, teach you how to use different equipment, and teach you new ways of exercising.

You’ve been working hard, but can’t see results

A personal trainer will help review your exercise program, push you harder (because let’s face it, do you really push yourself to the limit?), help set goals, help you stay motivated, and teach you to exercise moves which you can do at home to help the progress.

You need motivation

Hands up who make up excuses all the time about why they haven’t kept up with their fitness routine? This is perfect for those of us who lack discipline and prefer to cozy things in life like snuggling up in front of the TV with a cup of tea, rather than sweating out a pizza at the gym. Many brides-to-be also rely on a personal trainer before their big day!

Obviously, there are a number of benefits to putting your fitness goals into the hands of a personal trainer. One of the only setbacks when it comes to personal trainers is the cost. Certainly, that will vary depending on the location, trainer, etc. But there are other, more cost efficient methods to get fit without hiring a trainer for yourself.

  • Apps: Popular workout apps like 7 Minute Workout, Couch to 5K, Pocket Yoga, Nike + Training Club, Aaptiv and Sworkit can help guide you towards your goals.
  • Online communities: Join a community like Strava and log your running and cycling, connect with people who have similar goals, and take on group challenges.
  • YouTube workouts: Browse routines from trainers all around the world and follow along in your living room.
  • Community fitness groups: Check out Medibank Free + Active to find free, fun and social events near you, from running groups to outdoor fitness classes to ocean swims.
  • Your friends and workmates: Find some workout buddies and help keep each other motivated and accountable.

You’ve heard from some of the writers and experts, but now it’s time to hear from us at The Endorphin Effect! We asked our staff the question: how is a personal trainer worth the investment?

“You get the one on one training with a professional trainer that can help you reach your ultimate goal. Thus, getting personalized training on how to safely workout”


“With the RIGHT personal Trainer that understand your goals can help you keep you focus on your goals, keep you coming back to the gym even on days you don’t feel like it, talk through struggles whether about food, working out or personal stuff, build a real friendship, they are truthful and keep you in line with your goals.”


“When working with a personal trainer you are not just investing in your current health but through the education you gain from working with a great trainer you are investing in your future health as well. Its like setting up a fitness annuity that keeps on giving for years to come”


“Anytime you hire someone for a personal service that should be an investment in yourself. The expertise, time and experience should always out weigh the cost, as well as, that trainer’s service should be worth the cost.”


“Personal Trainers are an amazing thing. If you’re new to the gym/fitness world, a personal trainer is an invaluable tool. They can show you the ropes of all aspects of fitness and make sure when you walk in a gym you are confident in how machines work, how the body works and how movement can benefit you. If you are a veteran personal trainers can be equally as helpful. Those of us that have been in a gym for years or even decades can get stuck in our ways. We have might have been doing something for so long that we haven’t realized we are no longer doing it the correct way. Or our muscles are no longer being challenged because we have been do the same movements for so long. A trainer can see you body from an outside perspective. A trainer can offer a fresh set of eyes and movements you can add to your workout to keep you challenged and active for years to come!”